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The Brand

Your Life. Your Style.

Tony Marc is a private label brand that designs and licenses casual and activewear apparel and accessories for men and women. From classic to contemporary styles, our talented designers create collections that are inspired by the way you live and made to fit you and your lifestyle. 

We are committed to producing quality apparel and accessories and working with eco-conscious suppliers. Our portfolio of brands includes our signature line of stylish and comfortable apparel and accessories as well as culturally inspired designs that embrace and celebrate your heritage and the diversity of our cultures. 

At Tony Marc we believe that our products should best represent our creative vision and the communities we serve. You can order our latest designs or pre-order our exclusive designs through our online store. 

Tony Marc is the pseudonym of its co-founders, Claude Anthony Smith and Malcolm Marc Dennis. We are on a mission to build a lifestyle brand. To learn how you can participate, sign up to Join the Campaign.

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